7 scenic European road trips you must try in your lifetime

7 scenic European road trips you must try in your lifetime


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Europe is home to some of the most beautiful and magical scenery in the world. With its ever so Green fields, bodies of water and unique architecture, it’s no wonder that Europe is one of the most popular tourists’ destinations in the world. However, to truly soak on the full European experience, its highly recommended to try driving around its most popular road trip destinations, which will amaze you with their diversity, uniqueness and beauty.


With so many beautiful roads around Europe to discover, the experts at Design 911 have helped gather some of the most beautiful roads that will inspire your next road trip. These roads range in their region and weather, from the Black forest high road in Germany, the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine all the way to the costal side of Portugal, these roads will sure leave you owe inspired and amazed.


  1. Grossglockner high Alpine road, Austria



It comes as no surprise that sports car and motorcycle enthusiasts love heading to Austria’s Grossglockner High Alpine Road, as its endless views of a range of 37 mountains as the road climbs up to 2,504 metres is an extraordinary scene and one that is worth the journey. The drive starts at Bruck in the Salzburg valley, and continues through the Ferleiten toll entrance while passing through the Hohe Tauern National Park. For the length of one hour, you will see everything from landscapes of flowers, pine-clad hills, rocky cliffs, green meadows, lakes and glaciers to the mountain peaks of the Alps, with the drive finally ending at Carinthia after about 30 miles. This trip is best enjoyed during late spring and summer before the vision becomes completely foggy in winter.


The Transfagarasan road in Romania



With its 150 kilometres length road, the Transfagarasan highway road is one of the most popular roads in Romania, with Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson declaring it as “the best road in the world”. This road Connects the south of Romania with Transylvania at Lake Balea while passing through the massive Fagaras mountains. This drive is the perfect definition of a road trip, as its route will take you through pure green valleys, waterfall lakes while passing through a total of five tunnels along the journey. And although its open only from June till October, its spectacular views are something to consider seeing.


Black forest high road-B500 Route, Germany



With its racetrack like route and unique location inside the dense and evergreen black forest of southwest Germany, the black forest high road is a favourite amongst adrenaline junkies who enjoy speeding along its circular routes. However, although the road is not high up in the Alps, it’s not any less dangerous, as its hundreds of curves and rotations can cause drivers to lose control over the motor, so make sure to not get carried away. The region is a popular holiday and weekend resort, renowned for its spa town Baden-Baden; a highly recommended town for its thermal waters and calm atmosphere. Other places to visit include the majestic Hohenzollern Castle which dates to 1061.


Ring of Kerry, Ireland



The beauty of the Irish countryside lays in its simplicity, serenity and nature. And for those who prefer a calmer car trip, the Irish countryside is the best place to be. As this 200 km drive starts at the Kerry drive from Killarney town and offers diverse views from massive mountains, clear blue ocean down to the many beautiful rivers along the way. Places to explore along the way include the beautiful Torc Waterfall, the Killarney National Park, and the many charming villages of Ring of Kerry. In addition, make sure to drive along the Skellig Michael island off the coast to enjoy the full Irish coastal experience.


Amalfi Coast, Italy


The ultimate Italian dream, the Amalfi Coast is the best representation of the beauty of South Italy. The ride from Salerno to Cileto unwinds like a balcony with a scene of vibrant Italian architecture and an endless view of the bright blue Tyrrhenian Sea. On your trip you can stop to visit the restaurants, resorts and bars that cater to drivers along the road. Upon your drive you will stop through Minori, a small town on the coast considered as a little resort heaven by many thanks to its airy and fresh climate. It’s the mix of history, architecture, food and scenery that makes the Amalfi coast one of the best road trips in Europe.


The Algarves, Portugal



The Algarve region is located three hours from the south of Lisbon, known for its breath-taking cliffs, crystal clear waters, and mosaic-filled historic centres. Once in Portugal, pick up a rental car from the Faro Airport and head west towards Sagres. The journey will take about three hours, in which you will make stops at all the three beautiful coastal cities of Albufeira, Portimao and Lagos. This drive will give you the best Portuguese coastal experience.


Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine



At a 1,500 km-long range, the Carpathian Mountains represent one of the longest and largest mountains in Europe, extending all the way from central Europe to eastern Europe. Its stunning scenery includes villages and mountain peaks that are accessed through mountain roads all year long, making it one of Ukraine’s favourite road trip destinations.


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