7 Stunning Roads Around The World That Will Inspire You To take a Road Trip


So many people shy away from road trips as the long drives can be boring and exhausting. Yet the unique experience of watching some stunning, once in a lifetime scenes can never be replicated via any other means of transportation.


In fact, car drives can make for some of the best memories ever, as the rolled down windows and beautiful scenery make for some of the best travelling experiences.


With so many beautiful roads around the world to discover, the car experts at Design 911 have gathered some of the most beautiful roads that will inspire your next road trip. These roads range in their region and weather, from the Cape Breton National Park in Canada, the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine all the way to the costal side of Oman, these roads will amaze you with their beauty.


The Transfagarasan road in Romania


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With its 150 kilometres length road, the Transfagarasan highway road is one of the most beautiful and popular roads in Romania. Its highest point is the tunnel which stands at 2042 meters, connecting the northern and southern sides at Lake Balea. Although its only open from June till October, its spectacular views are something to consider seeing.


Tsunoshima Bridge in Yamaguchi, Japan


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One of the best scenic views in Japan. The Tsunoshima Bridge connects the mainland and the small remote island in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Driving over this 1,780 m long bridge feels like driving on top of ocean. Once you reach the island, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches with its clear blue water and perfect white sand.


Arches National Park, Utah


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Arches National Park lies in the north of the state of Utah and is bordered by the Colorado River in the southeast. Known for its 2,000 natural sandstone arches and the giant balanced rock, this landscape of contrasting colours is like no other in the world. This red-rock haven will amaze you with its unique form and its beautiful sunset scenery.


Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Canada



One of 42 Canadian national parks, this tourist attraction on the northern Cape Breton Island was the first national park in the Atlantic provinces of Canada, covering an area of 948 square kilometres. Its breath-taking views includes valleys, mountains, waterfalls and coastlines.


Broadway Manhattan, New York



The oldest north–south roadway in New York City, the Broadway of Manhattan is known globally as the centre of the American theatrical industry. The Big Apple’s theatre district is a must visit for its lively atmosphere, lights and shows.


Driving can get you around the different parts of Manhattan Broadway, but its best to stop and explore on foot if you don’t want to miss any of the amazing scenery of this tourist attraction.


Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine



At a 1,500 km-long range, the Carpathian mountains represent one of the longest and largest mountains in Europe, extending all the way from central Europe to eastern Europe.


Its stunning scenery includes villages and mountain peaks that are accessed through mountain roads all year long, making it one of Ukraine’s favourite tourist spots.


Khasab, Oman



Khasab is a city in Oman bordering with the United Arab Emirates. It has frequently been dubbed the “Norway of Arabia” because of its jagged mountains and seaside roads. It offers some stunning rugged coastal views and dolphin sightings as well, making it a tourist favourite.


In addition, its peak, Jabal Hareem is known for its marine fossils. The Khasab road offers a beautiful scenery which combines the beauty of the east and west.


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