Our first trip to the Dominican Republic


We are visiting Punta Cana, the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic for three weeks. Staying at the Bahia Principle Fantasia hotel, part of a large resort of seven hotels.


The Bahia group, established in 1995 owns 27 hotels spanning from Tenerife to Mexico.


Who are we? My name is Sarah and I am a single Mum to Harry aged six and this is our first overseas adventure as a twosome, I juggle a busy career as a marketing/PR consultant and love to write for my blog Minime and Luxury.


What made me chose the Dominican Republic?


*Weather- a comfortable average of 30 degrees, as opposed to Egypt/Turkey etc as they are above 40 degrees in late July.


*People- I have been before and have never met such friendly people.


*Trips- staying for three weeks, I needed to make sure there was plenty to do.


The Dominican Republic is the most visited country in the Caribbean and for lots of good reasons, it is the perfect place to rest and relax or get involved in water sports and excursions.


My two top things to do when staying in the Dominican Republic.


Saona– located 12 miles off the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic. It’s no surprise–this Caribbean island off the coast of Bayahibe is straight out of a postcard from paradise with its numerous powdery white sand beaches, bright turquoise waters, sandbanks, and towering palm trees, with no major development.


We visited using Punta Cana best excursions and after a short 45 minute private taxi ride, we arrived at the shore and chose a speedboat ride there and a catamaran on the way back. Although Saona has approximately 3000 visitors per day, you wouldn’t know and you really feel like you have your own piece of paradise for the day.


Adventure Boogies– An adrenaline filled trip to remember forever, we drove through beautiful countryside via exotic trails and stopping at breathtaking places. Nothing prepared me for how amazing it was to swim in crystalline water of a private natural cave. After we took a dip in the  private cave we headed towards one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, Macao Beach. For those who want to get muddy, mud and dust is what you get, while the three hour experience driving one of the Adventure Boogies.


We spent three glorious weeks in the Dominican Republic, spending half of the summer holidays on the beach and by the pool. I came back relaxed and ready to take on the rest of year with a newly found enthusiasm.


What will you be doing this Summer?


By Sarah Dixon



I have worked within the Childcare industry for over 15 years, as a Supernanny, Private Maternity Nurse, Sleep Trainer and Baby Concierge. I have worked all over the globe and my favourites places are the Middle East, USA and Caribbean. Five years ago I started expanding the services I offered to include: Event management and a travel consultancy service.


I regularly contribute to the press on a wide range of topics, usually concentrating on travel, children, events and luxury! I am blessed to have a career I love and the reason for starting the Minime and Luxury blog was to reassure people it is okay remain a “person” when you become a “parent” and enjoy life, travel, and stay up late when you want to – its all about creating memories and enjoying your parenting journey. I am passionate about baby and children’s products, holidays, restaurants, nursery interior and style- whether that be styling a child for a new wardrobe, or styling a venue for an event or shoot.


You can find more about me and my adventures here.www.minimeandluxury.co.uk

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