The UK’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs: Emma Sayle


Emma Sayle is the CEO of Killing Kittens. Killing Kittens is the ultimate female empowerment brand, promoting positivity for women of all ages, shapes, race and sizes. It was founded in 2005 in order to create a female-led future both online and offline. It was the first mover in the millennial females in control movement, which has since been followed by an onslaught of similar movements across social media and popular culture.


She created the concept when she realised that there was nowhere for women to go to feel in control and empowered to explore their sexuality without being judged. It was spoken about in society and whilst the US show, sex in the city was bringing this to the forefront of the media, in reality there was still a real imbalance. Her background was PR; beginning in financial PR and then followed up with entertainment PR, during which she witnessed a very male-dominated adult industry offering nowhere for women to go to explore their sexuality and feel in control within a safe environment – she felt passionately that something had to change.


Killing Kittens started as a few parties, years before social media, female focused apps and female led campaigns like #Metoo and it has now grown into a global movement that empowers both women and men online and offline. Emma couldn’t have foreseen just how current the business model would be in 2019, as an established brand in the sex and sextech sector, it’s so interesting right now.


What we’ve seen coming out of the #MeToo movement is the real need for an attitude shift, one that is so positive for women, as behaviours are changing to accommodate female thinking like never before in business and her goal is to provide the world’s biggest female empowerment brand both on and offline that brings the sexual liberation of women to the mainstream…the modernisation of womanhood.


Under the Killing Kittens umbrella, Emma has recently launched SafeDate, a FREE to all downloadable mobile app for dating safely; it allows users to keep connected to chosen friends and family whilst on a date, keeping those ‘friends’ informed of their safety. Simply, it tells loved ones where the date is planned to take place, plus additional optional detail, and via a check-in later, at an allotted time, it lets ‘safemates’ know they’re home and well.


Finally, and most recently, Emma unveiled the female mentoring and networking platform, Sistr, which is a dedicated platform for women to seek mentors, connect, share and learn from one another.


Nominee’s three achievements

Business Achievement 1;
From just a few initial members of around 80 people, Killing Kittens now has a 120,000 strong membership and has evolved as a community that brings fun, sexual adventure and freedom to thousands of women, men and couples, without fear of admonishment. Before the days of social media, we relied simply on word-of-mouth recommendation to grow our community and whilst we have inevitably evolved with the digital era, it is still that sense of belonging to a community that has helped fuel our success today. Our members are everything to us and we make sure we listen to what they want and use their feedback to drive us forward. So, our huge global community is definitely an achievement.


Growth Achievement 2;
We launched a public crowdfunding campaign privately, initially to our community and then via a third party crowdfunding site. The private launch saw the end of day one close at 70% funded. From there we turned to the Seedrs platform and watched the clock tick. Just 28 days later we’d smashed through our target. However, the 28 days was a challenge…I questioned myself constantly; ‘have we got this right’, ‘why taking so long to raise…did I get that wrong,’ and so on. Thinking about it now, perhaps being 9 months pregnant at the time of going public on the platform was adding to the trepidation. In the end, I found another challenge when had to say stop! No more investors please. I have felt truly humbled by the process. We closed the crowdfunding campaign at 118% over funded – we had over 300 investors putting in amounts ranging from £10 – £50k. To be made aware that this many individuals believed in my vision was humbling.


Personal Achievement 3;
Emma also founded, The Sisterhood. A 40-strong group of ordinary girls doing extraordinary things. An elite group of female athletes – talented in many ways – on a mission to keep boldly going where no other girl has gone before. Since launching in 2006 to dragonboat across the English Channel (gaining a World Record), The Sisterhood has clocked up an incredible number of challenges – most recently taking on the challenge of the Speed Project; 340 miles of crazy non-stop ultra-relay running from LA to Las Vegas and swiming in a relay team of just 4 across the English Channel to France. Before that, The Amazon Raft Race, Bosphorus swim, Costa Rica coast-to-coast race, Kilimanjaro, and many more. The Sisterhood, to date, has raised over £750,000 for various amazing charities.


Killing Kittens

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