The UK’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs: Julia Langkraehr


Julia Langkraehr founded and built three multimillion pound business in three European countries and was an early pioneer of pop-up retailing.


After 14 years, she successfully exited the business, and trained to become the first EOS Implementer in the UK, to help leadership teams and entrepreneurs clarify, simplify and achieve their vision and provide tools to run their business better.


As a UK-based Certified EOS Implementer, she helps entrepreneurial leadership teams introduce the system into their business.


Julia’s entrepreneurial story began in a small town in Missouri, USA, where the values it instilled – to help people, to do the right thing and to be yourself – have stayed with her her whole life.


Her first business was teaching young girls baton twirling at the age of 10, and years later, when she found myself facing redundancy in London, she seized the chance to start her own business.


As founder of Retail Profile Europe, she experienced all the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur. She did fundraising, worked with VCs, expanded to two European countries and then merged with the largest competitor in the sector, Space and People PLC.


By the time she exited in 2014, the company had offices in London, Glasgow, Hamburg, Moscow and Delhi and its turnover exceeded £30 million.


In 2003 she joined the business peer group, the Entrepreneurs Organisation, which enabled her to develop her coaching and facilitation skills alongside running Retail Profile.


Since then she has facilitated thousands of retreats and workshops on behalf of both EO and the Young Presidents Organisation.


Founding Bold Clarity in 2014 enabled her to bring together her real-world business and leadership experience with the work she has done with entrepreneurs around the world to help them gain traction and grow.


Julia had been given a copy of the book Traction in four years earlier and realised she was doing some of the EOS disciplines but not all. She knows if she done it all purely, her company would have been valued at a higher multiple.


Being an EOS Implementer enables Julia to use a proven system and combines her love of working with entrepreneurial leaders and using her skills and experience to help them get what they want from their business.


She regularly gives keynotes for corporates, non-profits and business groups. These include the EO Global Leadership Conference, the Academy of Chief Executives and companies such as Anytime Fitness. She is a Vistage Bureau approved speaker.


Julia has been featured in the Daily Telegraph, the Financial Times and the Sunday Times.


Nominee’s three achievements


1. Pioneering two new concepts in the UK: the first was pop-up kiosks for start-up retailers in the common areas of shopping centres. These have now become ubiquitous across the country and have given thousands of start-ups their first opportunity to retail their products and expand. The second is the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) which is a business management system offering a simple way to run your business that helps you scale and grow. EOS began in the US and Julia was the first Implementer to offer it to clients in the UK. Clients who work with Julia find that with her insight and support, they are able to clarify their vision for their business, gain traction, so the business works efficiently, and build a healthy leadership team.


2. Building three multi-million pound retail business in three different European countries: the UK, Russia and Germany. This involved overcoming multiple obstacles including losing, restarting and rebuilding the business then merging with her biggest competitor, Space and People. Setting up her businesses in Europe involved exporting the pop-up concept into Russia and Germany, customising the business models to fit the cultural and business environment of each country. In Russia, she set up the business using a licence model with strategic partners, and in Germany she founded a GmbH – a wholly owned subsidiary of the Space and People Group. Exiting successfully in 2014, she founded her fourth venture Bold Clarity to focus on sharing her knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs.


3. Working with thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe to help them scale and grow their businesses. Julia began facilitating retreats for business owners on behalf of the Entrepreneurs Organisation over 15 years ago, and continues to do this for EO, for the Young Presidents Association, for Vistage and other business groups. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs. She coaches a series of female-owned businesses, she has sat on the board of the Aspire Group, and she leads an all-female team at Bold Clarity, including three women working part-time while also running their own businesses, and one female apprentice, who she is helping through her NVQ business qualifications.


Bold Clarity



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