The UK’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs: Olivia Sibony


Liv is an award-winning entrepreneur who left a career at Goldman Sachs to launch her food-tech startup, GrubClub, which she sold to Eatwith in 2017.
As an ex-founder, she was only too aware of the importance of embedding purpose into your mission, in order to make it truly impactful, while also driving a profit. She also understood the challenges entrepreneurs face in raising funds and wanted to help make this process more efficient and transparent. So she joined Angel Investment Network to launch and grow SeedTribe, a spinoff platform focused specifically on connecting “impactful” businesses with investors and stakeholders who want to play an active part in helping shape the businesses of the future.
She is also a Board member of UCL’s Fast Forward 2030, which aims to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to launch businesses that address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Nominee’s three achievements


– Founded and exited her business, GrubClub, selling to EatWith, feeding tens of thousands of diners through hundreds of chefs, one of whom went on to earn a Michelin Star


– Founded and launched SeedTribe in the past year, UK’s central hub for Impact Entrepreneurs, supporting and connecting hundreds of entrepreneurs, encouraging using profit for purpose, folllowing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


– Launched Female Founders Hub for Angel Investment Network, responding to data that showed just 1 in 10 of our investors are women and a low percentage of female founder teams. We have empowered thousands of women to gain confidence in becoming active investors and using their skills and money to help shape the world – this is now being extended to running workshops for women across the country in order to provide a more diverse landscape and perspective of investment



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