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As we know there are different types and size of businesses. However, there is one thing that sits at the core of all businesses regardless of size and business sector, and because it without this here is no business…


Your Customers Should Be at The Heart of Everything


When your customers are at the centre of your business you are focused on delivering value, which creates loyalty, which builds the all-important customer relationship.


Who are Your Customers?


Imagine your perfect customer walked into your business, clicked on your website or sent you a message via Direct Messaging on any of the social media platforms, who would that person be?


If you are unable to answer this question, then you have no idea who your customers are.


Your Customer Profile


Successful entrepreneurs have a profile of their ideal customer, recognising that this profile will change overtime to reflect changes in attitudes and taste.


The more you know about your customers, then the easier it is to connect [unpack connecting] What is more important successful entrepreneurs / businesses will have a detailed profile of their perfect / ‘ideal’ customer.


That is, they will not make assumptions about their perfect customers but will focus on the customers and outline everything about them.  This include age, gender, marital status, number of children, education, place or area of residence, leisure activities, profession and job title, circle of influence/friends, done in a specific as opposed to a general, way.


This is crucial because your ideal customer is not like the average buyer but is someone you really want to sell to, that will repeat buy, spend on your high-ticket items, will be loyal and who will refer their friends to you.


This is something that is needed by every business.


Truth be known small and medium-sized business will benefit most from this action and execution.


This is the most cost-effective way to create products and services specifically for your ‘ideal’ customer, to have a personalised process that is targeted and relevant.


Your ideal customer will immediately resonate with these products and services.


By being specific about who your ideal customers are you can more easily recognise what their ‘pain points’ thus creating messages and content that give them the solutions they need, so making your brand the go to place for them.


What do your customers want and need?


Knowing you customers enables you to create a product or service that provides value, by finding the perfect solution to their needs and wants.


When you know who your ideal customer is, you will know the ‘perfect’ new product to offer or upsell to them. You will recognise their change in tastes/new desires and will be able to maintain their interest even despite changes in shopping habits, as in the current climate where the innovative use of the smartphone has changed shopping habits to the extent that the purchase of goods and services the turn-around in delivery of such can occur within hours instead of days.


The onset of cultural shift/change in cultural attitudes brought with it the practice where people share their news about purchases with friends using cameras on their smartphones or photo mail at a moment’s notice, as acceptable (the standard) way of sharing or communicating items such as fashion news. For example, the latest fashion dress worn by celebrities, on Instagram can be shared within minutes of the event, and there is an ever-increasing frequency of these activities, they could be a challenge for businesses that have not yet reached that level of innovation.


However, businesses can create the perfect user experience for their ideal customers as early as at the first interaction with them.  For example, when they visit and make a purchase from their website for the first time, by making it seamlessly easy for the transactions and taking them on a journey of their personalised service. This would be greatly appealing to their ideal customer who appreciates the value in such a service.


It stands to reason, the perfect ‘customer experience’ will more than likely produce repeat purchases and create referral-based system to their circle or influence/friends.


Keeping the Relationship Alive


Building a relationship with your ideal customer is the difference between having loyal customers and occasional customers.


Because you and your customer have grown together, trust will be a big factor and will be infused in the relationship and your ideal customer will happily, become your advocate.


Don’t be afraid to listen to your customers’ feedback.


Understanding your customers intimately means that they’ll be at the heart of everything you do, this facilitates you building a brand that your customers enjoy and value.


By Veronica King, Co-Founder of Atstartnow Online Training Platform


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