Where is all the good stuff?

Donna Cameron and Briar Jasper-Batson 
Donna Cameron and Briar Jasper-Batson 


You know that feeling of having spent a few days in a city people had claimed was amazing, only to leave feeling completely underwhelmed? You think to yourself; where was all the good stuff? How did I miss it??? What was everyone else raving about, because I saw nothing to write home about there…


Enter Fashion by Foot, ethical fashion walking tours in Melbourne Australia. For the discerning and fashion forward person, Fashion by Foot is your personalised guide to Melbourne’s hidden fashion gems. We take you behind the scenes to explore Melbourne’s vibrant fashion culture, meet the makers and see how some of our amazing independent fashion designers work.


As with any big city, it can be difficult to find the gems that give the city its reputation for fashion, creativity and edge. It’s often the case in Melbourne that the very best and most unique stuff is down laneways, in unexpected buildings and behind unassuming doors.



Why Melbourne?


Melbourne is well established as a leading fashion destination and is undeniably the fashion capital of Australia. As well as the highly esteemed RMIT fashion course, we now have several other strong fashion school contenders here as well.


This plus the fact that Melbourne is a progressive multicultural city that fosters creativity in numerous forms, means it is a really enjoyable place to visit. For example, did you know Melbourne was named live music capital of the world in 2018 with significantly more venues per residents, than London or New York??


Fortunately Melbourne was designed to be a very walkable city which, as we all know, is the best way to really soak up local culture. There are a variety of distinct districts comprising inner urban Melbourne, all with independent fashion designers innovating and creating completely covetable fashion and accessories. Fashion by Foot operates walking tours in all of these districts with a style to suit every fashion aficionado.


Then of course, there is the food and wine! As people who have travelled extensively, we are proud to say that the quality and variety is among the best you’ll find globally. And yes, Fashion by Foot serves you up some of the best food and wine as a part of the experience.



What makes us a game changer?


So why Fashion by Foot? We’re true locals with our finger on the cultural pulse who thoroughly immersed in the inner urban Melbourne fashion scene. This gives us entrée into working studios and welcoming boutiques. The experience is friendly and very personable. In fact Candid magazine recently described us as “some of the most personable and hospitable people you will come across in the city and their knowledge of the Melbourne fashion industry is second to none.” We promise you won’t feel like a tourist on  well-trodden mainstream trail.


We support independent designers. We appreciate good design and the passion that goes into making fashion so we’re doing our utmost to ensure independent designers can continue to create standout product. And did we mention ethics? You can be sure that the designers we introduce you to create ethically. There is absolutely no fast fashion here!


Fashion by Foot stands apart because it’s led by professional Melbourne-based style consultants who share with you the fundamentals of personal style. Yes, we talk to you about choosing your clothing well, and only obtaining things you will cherish. We’re about quality, not quantity. You emerge having enjoyed a very special day out in a relaxed environment and with new insight into what styles work for you.


Fashion by Foot is a fabulous way to experience Melbourne; it’s a cultural experience, a walking workshop and a great way to get yourself a wearable souvenir from a designer you’ve had the pleasure of meeting.


For more info do visit us at: https://www.fashionbyfoot.com/ and let us know how we can tailor a tour for you.



By Donna Cameron and Briar Jasper-Batson 



Donna Cameron encourages you to find styles you love instead of slavishly following fashion. She has facilitated workshops on presentation and style for over a decade in both Australia and London. Donna was President of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) Melbourne Chapter in 2015-17, associate editor of AICI GLOBAL magazine and is a contributor to Fashion Studies Journal.

Donna works alongside Briar Jasper-Batson, past President of AICI Melbourne Chapter and a Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator. Briar helps her clients to define what sets them apart. She shows them how their difference is a strength, not a weakness, and is passionate about body positivity.

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  1. Very savvy business model, totally floats my boat. It’s one thing to read the zeitgeist but entirely another to know what to do with it. Well done #fashionbyfoot

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