Alexander Porter: 4 Ways to Develop a Success Oriented Mindset


Are you a success?


There are plenty of individuals who have extraordinary talent, skill and passion. Individuals who may seem like they have everything going for them. They know what they want. They are constantly pursuing goals. And making solid effort.


But still, these people never really go anywhere. In fact, according to a recent study, only 8% of people actually achieve their goals.


Think of it this way, do you know an incredibly smart and driven entrepreneur who’s barely making ends meet? 


Maybe you’re friends with a gifted musician or producer who can’t pay rent? 


Or maybe that talented – yet not so successful person – is you. 


Regardless of who you’re thinking of, chances are the person in question could turn their passion, skill and talent into something far greater with just one extra quality. In fact, science has proven that this one thing can be the difference between success and failure.


It all comes down to a success oriented mindset.


Here are 4 simple ways you can unlock your hidden potential and become a success.


Mindset #1 – Start. Then finish 


You’re driven, geared up and don’t mind a good ol’ uphill battle. In fact, you look forward to it. You say yes to all new exciting projects and collaborations which enter your radar. While your definition of success is having a lot going on at the same time. 


But without the ability to follow through on your goals, you may find yourself falling short more often than not. Early on in your career, or during new business venture, it’s easy to become quite competitive and eager by setting unrealistically high goals. 


Utilising this approach, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Realistically, you may get lucky and hit a target or two, but ultimately you’re going to fail more times than you succeed. 


This is not due to your lack of skills or knowledge. This is a result of not focusing on the things which really matter.


Truly successful people are very meticulous about choosing which projects to work on. Focusing mainly on following through and finishing what they start. You will not see results or massive forward movement if you never finish what you start. 


Remember, devoting all your time and energy on one or two good projects beats going halfway on 100 great projects. 


Mindset #2 – Use intention 


Speak your dreams into existence. 


Intention is a great way to build belief systems around the things you want to create or experience. Artists like Madonna and David Bowie utilised a mindset that produced an insatiable belief in their future successes. They acted as if their successes were as real as gravity, even before they had them. From this position it was only natural that success would come to them.


However, don’t pair belief with inaction. Simply believing you are entitled to success, or a bright, red sports car, or the supermodel of your dreams, won’t will it into existence. Beliefs guide our behaviour. 


So use your intention as a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action in the future. We can select beliefs which propel us forward towards our goals instead of beliefs that can hold us back. 


Encourage yourself. Believe in yourself. Reward yourself.


Mindset #3 – Set achievable goals 


Create time-bound goals which you know are achievable from the outset.


Your goals should revolve around:


  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Health


Having an end goal of ‘success’ is great, but you’re not going to be successful just because you want to be successful. Set small goals as stepping stones to your success, and reward yourself after accomplishing each goal.


This is a strategy used by Jeremy Rorich, head of SEO Sales at Search It Local who use weekly targets as opposed to monthly KPIs. He explains, “this empowers the team to work towards small, achievable goals without becoming distracted by larger, long-term goals. The most powerful motivation is self-motivation, and realistic goals with regular rewards ensures this flame burns bright.”


Consider for a moment that you wanted to be healthier. This goal would be easier to achieve if it was defined and broken down into realistic targets.


For example, you may set a target of exercising once a day, eating less red meat, losing 5 kilograms, and visiting your local gym after work.


With micro-goals you can experience massive achievements.


Mindset #4 – Surround yourself with the right people 


Show me your friends and I will show you your future.


Your environment plays a significant role in creating your mindset. Surround yourself with individuals who can teach you new things and who can encourage you to grow personally and professionally.


Ever heard the expression, ‘your vibe attracts your tribe”? This is extremely apt when it comes to turning your talents into something more.


Tim Ferris, New York Times Bestseller and author of the ‘4 Hour Work Week’ sums it up as “Choose friends wisely. You are the average of the 5 people you associate with most”.


There are certain people who will hold you back, act as negative disruptors, and stop you from achieving. On the contrary, positive people will inspire you, motivate you, and empower you to make the change you need.


These are your people. Find them.


By Alexander Porter


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