Thinking of rebranding? Jonathan Bennett offers a few tips


We recently changed our business name, and while I personally felt it was a success there’s a lot of things, I would do differently next time. These are some of the lessons we learned and what we did to ensure the rebrand went smoothly.


You can’t inform people enough


We spent almost a month telling our clients we were rebranding and trading under a different name. One of the most significant changes we made was changing our domain from to Despite all the updates and emails there are still people today, three months later that get confused when we answer the phone GlobalX, not LegalinX.


Don’t change too much too soon


 When we started our rebrand, we also planned on overhauling our online ordering platform at the same time. After some initial feedback from existing clients though we realised this, it wasn’t the right time. Changing an ordering platform is a massive project and poses its own challenges. Let people get used to one big change at a time rather.


Make it engaging for your staff


 When you’ve been in business for over three decades, there are things so ingrained into what you do, you tend to forget they exist. Finding all these small, almost invisible touch-points that make up your brand can be a challenging and time-consuming task for one person, which is where our Chief Financial Officer came in with a brilliant idea.


“Why not make a game out of it?” She said. So we did. Charlotte’s idea to bring all those invisible elements to the surface was to get help from the rest of the team. She also knew we had to make it engaging. I could have gone around one by one and sat with the different teams and documented their business processes but who has the time for that.

We needed to do something that would break everyone out their normal routines, and so we sent the email out.


You got a point for each old logo you could find, and at the end of the month, there was a prize for the person with the highest score. And it didn’t take long for the responses to roll in. With 5 minutes we’d got 40+ responses.


It created a real buzz for the rebrand and generated a heap of questions about more than just changing the look and feel of the brand.


Get personal


 Don’t just rely on the social media, press release and eshots to get your message out there. Those are great channels to help with communicating your change of identity on mass, but nothing works better than a phone. People are genuinely interested in why we rebranded and were happy to have a chat about it. Take the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with clients and prospects – why else would be you be rebranding?


Finally …don’t erase your past


You might be tempted just to remove all references to your past brand from existence but if you do that you’re also erasing a lot of value. Your story is important so embrace it. We’ve got clients who only work with us once a year and wouldn’t have got any of our updates. Imagine those people landing on this new website, with a new name and wondering what’s going on here? We found just referencing our past names on the about us page was enough to give them validation and place an order.


Hopefully, these few tips prove useful if you’re considering changing your name too. There’s a lot more I could have discussed but what I wanted to concentrate on is the impact a rebrand has on your clients and your colleagues.


By Jonathan Bennett of


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