4 Things to avoid when starting your business

Mike McDonnell
Mike McDonnell



There is so much information out there at the moment around starting your business that it can be overwhelming for you when you’re trying to start.


  1. Needing to have the “Blueprint” before you start


You spend soo long trying to find the ‘right way;’ reading books, going on courses for everything you can find, searching for the blueprint to success that unfortunately doesn’t exist. It today’s ever-changing world, what worked for someone five years ago won’t be working now.


You have to consider that doing the same as someone who’s done what you’re doing only goes so far; you’ll still have to mould it to your own particular situation. You’re life is different, you’re different, your situation is different, and you have to realise that your entrepreneurial journey is also different.


Acting, then figuring it out, is the best option because only you know what’s best for you and you can always adjust based on the results you want. Following a blueprint can cause you to not adjust, or deviate and then wonder why you don’t get the same results as the ‘expert’ did.


  1. Wondering if you’ll fail


Most of this is down to you wanting to do something that stands the best chance of success, because deep down you either fear that it’ll either fail or succeed. That’s why you go on the courses, and read the books, and spend so long trying to find the ‘magic bullet’ that will mean that you’re successful.


You spend so long “dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s” that you forget that imperfect action and improving as you go is how the majority of successful companies started. Apple’s first logo isn’t the one you see today. Google of today is nothing like how they started either.


Not acting because you want it to “not fail” is making sure you fail, as you’re not prepared to take incremental steps to get there.


  1. Wondering if you’ll succeed


On the flip side of the coin, You could do all this, then you start to think about things like, ‘what if I lose friends? What if i end up alone? What would my family think? What if it actually become successful and it goes against everything I thought I knew about myself’…. Yes, it happened to me.


Fearing success is as just as popular as fearing failure once you start to see some success and realise that it could actually be possible for you. What success might mean for you is a story that could be playing in your head, convincing you that success is a bad thing.


Riding the line between these two fears is a dance that you need to learn how to do if you’re going to do whatever it takes to be successful in your new business.


  1. Listening to what others think


One of the biggest things I’ve seen is valuing other people’s opinions over your own; taking everyone’s opinion on board instead of having people you listen to as you actually value their opinion, and discarding the rest. I’d even go as far as to say you still have to ultimately decide what to do based on what you think based after taking everyone’s feedback into consideration.


This includes ‘haters’ which you may be listening too all too often and giving them too much impact on you and your business.


These are pitfalls that me and the majority of you will experience and avoiding them can mean the difference between success and failure in your business. So… what’s stopping you from starting your business?


Mike McDonnell is a high-performance mindset coach that helps side hustlers break free and become full time business owners.








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