Can you contribute a chapter to the book Game Changers: Innovation in Business?


Game Changers: Innovation in Business is the first book of its kind showcasing and rewarding excellence in innovation across a range of ground-breaking products and services.  We’re particularly interested in products, services or systems that expand the market by introducing something new rather than taking on existing businesses.  We’re looking for creativity rather than competition.


Game Changers: Innovation in Business tell the inspiring real stories behind business, product, technology or service innovations while recognising the often-unsung experts who help shape them.


Contribute a chapter to Game Changers: Innovation in Business so you can:


1 Get the market recognition your innovations and vision deserve

  1. Give your unsung heroes the chance to step into the limelight
  2. Enhance your reputation with current and potential clients
  3. Get greater worldwide recognition for your brand


Game Changers: Innovation in Business will be published as an ebook as well as a paperback and will be marketed through Amazon, Business Game Changer Magazine site and selected book stores.   If you would like to contribute to Game Changers: Innovation in Business email:






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