Experiential Marketing: Quick Tips in Crafting A Memorable Experience



One of the greatest things about living in the 21st century is that we’re able to better craft and create memorable moments. This may be due to the speed in which technologies are developing or the simple fact that we’ve become sensory driven beings. We are craving more and more experiences involving social interactions while simultaneously searching for the next sensory impact.


Whether it be through touch, taste or audio-visual, a memorable experience can be addictive and will leave you wanting more…


Little did I know, 15 years ago, when I was at the dawn of my marketing career, just how much experiential marketing would help build relationships between brands and their consumers.


Crafting successful brand activations through experiential marketing begins with community engagement. Here are a few tips I’ve gathered for the experiential marketer in you.


Personalise Your Activation


There are no two brands alike. Brands are unique and have their point of difference. This is why each brand deserves a personalised and well-crafted campaign that represents and speaks for itself.  Research is one of the most crucial factors in delivering a successful brand activation. Interpreting the brand’s key message to target audience requires you to build a customer profile, define social elements and chose the best location that will allow for maximum activation impact. Just remember to be clear on the goals for each campaign as they will vary.


Plan for the Unforeseen


During a live activation, individuals won’t always react the way you expect them to and unfortunately things don’t always go as planned. What matters is that you are prepared, ready to twist and turn things around whilst thinking quick on your feet. To better plan for this, I’ve learnt to create various scenarios and list all the possible outcomes. Setting a strict timeline is also crucial, especially in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry (FMCG). Allocating specific time frames to each task will not only help in visualising the activation but will overall increase your chances of producing a successful one.


Having the Right Tools


Brand activations are manifested through real-life and in person scenarios but still require an amplification plan to help boost visibility. While your activation will make some noise on the day, it is important to consider using various social media platforms. Remember good content and optimal posting times will be an essential element to reach your target audience.


Having a Detailed Budget


Crafting a memorable experience requires a budget. While some brand activations will be more demanding in resources, other activations may not. Mentally walk through very element of the proposed activation and ensure you’ve included everything in it: from the permits and signage, down to the sandbags and cable ties.


Collecting Valuable Data:


No matter how successful the activation may be, it is important to collect valuable data to get an understanding on consumer trends, behaviours and most importantly, to better plan and craft your next activation.


Clients care about the return on investment (ROI) and want to ensure that the money they are spending is going to a worthy cause. Try to work the data into every stage of the activation. This will enable you to show the client a preview of the brand activation results. Your reporting will become a highlight in the lifecycle of the activation.


Experiential marketers are constantly searching for innovative ways to create a maximum sensory impact…


But it’s not just about making noise or seeking a maximum impact during your pop-up, activation or live event.


Experiential marketing is about humanizing a brand, leaving a positive brand impression and most importantly creating an emotional bond between the consumer and the brand.


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By TJ Carroll 


Author BIO


TJ Carroll is the Director of ENGAGE at Disegno and has been creating lasting engagement and memorable experiences for corporates, government, commercial, public, FMCG and service sector clients for over a decade. TJ is an experiential marketing specialist and has designed personalised campaigns for global and high-profile brands such as such as L’Oréal, Luv-a-Duck and Energy Australia.








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