Gaurav Goel: Upgrading the way we network


As any successful business leader will tell you, networking is fundamental to the success of any start-up or hopeful entrepreneur. Yet, in today’s fast paced digital business world, many of us still use business cards as our go-to when networking. Whilst they may have a certain eloquence to them, I can’t help but feel they’re just outdated.


This feeling really hit home when I left Goldman Sachs. During my time there, I’d managed to collect a stack of over 280 business cards, the majority of which were out-of-date and therefore useless – all in all making them counter intuitive to creating any lasting and meaningful connection with the potential contact.


Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the many ways different business professionals organise and keep track of the business cards they’ve collected during their careers; from creating an ever-growing Excel spreadsheet to using a card reader app to writing down notes on each person whose given you their card.


All these methods have their own merits of course, yet, they’re often time consuming and only solve one of the problems we have when networking – for example, the nature of work has changed. Most Millennials only hold a short tenure at any given job, similarly the prevalence of those working freelance has also grown. The static nature of business cards doesn’t reflect this. Moreover, we tend to forget the name of the person we just met an hour ago or few days ago or we forget the context or place or what experiences we shared.


A nationwide survey carried out by StayTouch found that, two-thirds of us struggle to re-connect with our newly made contacts. Two major reasons behind this? 22% of us are walking around with out-of-date business cards and 32% of us have a habit of losing the business cards we’re given. Alongside this, 44% of people actually fear the pressure of swapping business cards.


This means despite all the various ways people recommend for staying connected, we are losing out on potentially dozens important business and personal connections. To be honest, I wasn’t surprised to find out that many people shared my frustrations. This is where I hope StayTouch can change this.


So just what is StayTouch? Launched for iOS and Android last month, it’s an app that is promising to shake up the way we network by allowing users to exchange their contact details simply by touching their phones together and remembering who we met, when and what experiences we shared.


It also has an array of useful in-built-features to make networking smooth sailing such as; allowing you to create different profiles to tailor which information you give out to automatically syncing profile updates throughout your network, to letting you add personal notes with each contact – particularly useful when over half of those surveyed by StayTouch can only recall a fraction of information about the people they’ve met, and just under half even admitting to having forgotten the name of the very person we’re trying to add. Definitely not something you want to have to ask your potential new contact for a second time!


Connecting with new contacts and staying connected should be a difficult task, and thus why I started StayTouch, we currently have over seven and half thousand downloads with our database growing daily.


By Gaurav Goel, Founder of StayTouch



StayTouch is continuously improving the platform, based on user feedback. To download the app click here.








About StayTouch

StayTouch, by GG Technologies Inc., was conceived and developed by visionary Gaurav Goel in response to years of frustration in professional and social dynamics. Through business graduate school in Europe followed by years with Goldman Sachs in Paris, Goel struggled trying to maintain his valuable network with people who were regularly moving and changing jobs within such a fast-paced industry. Overwhelmed with the quantity of expired business cards, duplicate and out-dated contacts in his phone and address books, and the need to get and stay connected those who make a difference, Goel decided it was time to do something about it by creating StayTouch.  The App offers the unique ability to: have assorted work and social contact profiles, calendar meetings, add notes, add images and create complete memories while saving trees, time and money.  Welcome to StayTouch.

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