Trevor Rappleye: How to Use the Most Effective Brand of Video Marketing to Help Grow Your Company


In the modern world of marketing, digital media plays the most important role when it comes to growing your brand or business. As the world’s already massive online presence continues to grow, franchises have since shifted their marketing focus into making promotional videos to keep up with the changing times and help with sales.


However, with no written handbook on the do’s and don’ts of corporate video making, it might prove difficult for certain groups to take advantage of this art. How does a small startup company take advantage of this new paradigm? What needs to be established in order to reach the most effective digital campaign?


Establish the Emotional Connection


The answer is simple: Emotion. Emotion has always been the driving force behind any advertising campaign, due to the fact that as humans, we relate to others and the world around us based on emotional connection. Once established in a campaign, emotion allows companies to relate to their targeted audience and increases sales and organic traffic to their websites. It gives people a reason to care and answers the evergreen questions of who, what, and why.


With a focus on emotion, the importance of corporate videos and video advertising campaigns is justified, as nothing is better at conveying emotion than showing emotion visually through video.


Still, most corporate videos by companies can often prove drab and boring, failing to reach their targeted audiences and raising the question of if videos are even a worthwhile investment in the first place. But with recent studies showing that 88% of video marketers reach a satisfactory ROI through video marketing efforts, the importance of digital video marketing becomes apparent and the question now becomes not if, but rather how. Nobody wants to watch a video of somebody just being boastful about how much money they made in the past year, so how can we dress a video to convey emotion and still make consumers feel welcome and interested?


Evoke Emotion Through Storytelling – The Most Effective Brand of Marketing


Enter the tried and true marketing method of storytelling. Storytelling has always been a marketer’s go-to as it’s the easiest method in establishing an emotional connection with the audience. As video is the best way to convey emotion, this means that video should also double as the best form of storytelling. The main goal behind any video campaign should be to humanize your franchise to garner emotional connections. Take the same example mentioned above. Again, nobody wants to watch a video of somebody being boastful on how successful they are. But if we can humanize that aspect of a company and, for example, show the life of a successful franchise owner through emotional storytelling, the video can help sell other people on becoming franchise owners themselves. This emphasis on telling the story behind a company and swinging its locked doors wide open increases audience engagements rates and sales due to the established emotional connection.


In short, if you tell an effective story, people don’t think they’re being sold to. The topics for your storytelling within your company isn’t and shouldn’t be a limited one either. Be it about the company as a whole, the product, or company employees, storytelling, when done well, will always be what creates emotion and makes people care and listen.


People work with people, not logos. Saying what you sell creates no emotional connection and people want to know not only what, but how and why. People remember how you make them feel and that’s why it’s important to drive story and emotion within your corporate videos and video ad campaigns.


Establish Authenticity


As technology and marketing have both gotten bigger and smarter, so have the audiences themselves. The audiences know when something is fake or when they’re being sold to, and frankly, they just won’t buy into that anymore.


As a result, marketing becomes a game of being as authentic as possible. This is why my company, Corporate Filming, pushes for no scripts when applicable and aims to base videos on actual conversations and experiences. When focusing on individual stories specifically, videos can act as a showcase of real testimonials on how a company or product can benefit someone’s life. For example, by showcasing actual franchise owners and the benefits of their company’s culture through video, Corporate Filming’s style of storytelling benefited our client Go Mini with a better ROI of $400k and helped them close four deals on franchising. By capturing real conversations and using actual company staff and customers, the audience will see the genuineness in your video and know it’s authentic and worth paying attention to, ultimately raising sales and brand awareness in the end.



Highlighting and Spreading Videos


After creating an effective video, the most important thing to do next is to focus on how to successfully spread your videos. For corporate videos, it’s recommended that links to a video are included in company employee email signatures, helping to gain organic views both internally and externally through clients and other associates. It is also important to create a YouTube page for your company and have all of your videos available to view through the site.


Videos make a great first attention grabber when posted onto a website’s homepage. Embedding a YouTube hosted video onto a homepage gives an organic link to your company’s YouTube page, lending another way for the audience to view more of your corporate videos and video ads.


Other forms of video spread can also sprout into event marketing. Showing videos on a television at your company’s exhibit booth at an event is an easy surefire way to capture attention and easily share what your company’s about.




Although the world has shifted to a much more digital focus, the world of marketing can still achieve success by approaching this new paradigm in total reverence to successful methods from the past. By using the tried and true method of establishing an emotional connection through storytelling, videos can be a very valuable tool to help improve company growth and drive profits to your business. As videos are the most effective brand for showcasing emotion, there’s no better way to humanize your brand than through film. In the end, it’s all about making your company stand out, and there’s nothing better than showing the unique story and individuals that make up your company through a well-made video.



By Trevor Rappleye,  CEO and Founder of Corporate Filming





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