Professionally Produced Corporate Videos Pack More Punch


I’m often asked, “What does a Producer do?” Beyond filming, writing and editing my job involves convincing clients that a Corporate Identity or Explainer video is not a frivolous expenditure but an essential marketing tool to attract new sales. Here are some tips.


What Makes a Good Video?

1) Instead of just answering the 5 W’s about your company you must bring your unique history to life in a fun, informative way. Your video is more than a simple introduction of your company to viewers. It is an opportunity to viscerally connect them to your message, philosophy and service as you extend your global outreach.


Ok, We’ll Shoot it Ourselves with a Cell Phone

2) Avoid this temptation. It’s fraught with imploders like poorly shot or too much raw footage, bad audio or insufficient lighting. Instead, hire a professional production company. A memorable and impactful video requires a clear production plan utilizing stylized visual, audio and graphical elements. The competition for eyeballs is fierce. A producer brings expertise and technical know-how while staying on vision and budget. Each video I produce begins by meeting the business owner to transform their company’s assets into an engaging story.


Can a Video be too Short?

3) Brevity is the soul of a successful corporate video. Prospective clients want an appetizer that shows the links between their needs and your services. Give them a five-course meal about every aspect of your business and risk extinguishing that spark. Rely on your Producer to keep the focus.


Editors? We Don’t Need no Stinkin’ Editors

4) Everyone needs editing. One of my clients thinks he speaks the way I edit him to speak in our videos. He does not, but he embraces the process of marrying interviews, images, graphics, music and more with his ability to inform and whet viewers appetite to learn more. The final production should inspire visits to social media, increase positive reviews and pave the way for sales inquiries.


Voiceovers Enhance your Video

5) I strongly encourage a voice over track as the foundation of your video to complement the narrative. Voice over scripts provide a way to add detail about your company in ways you can’t visually. However, let your Producer cast only professional voice over talent. Though Mary in Accounting has a lovely voice she most likely doesn’t have voice acting training.


Congratulations. You’ve got a video. What’s next?

Publicity! Your Producer can help with this as well. He or she will know the most current online distribution venues and formats to make your video widely available. I also recommend keeping continual visual records of your company’s activities to facilitate regular updates to your video.


Paraphrasing the old song from the 80’s perhaps, “Video didn’t Kill the Radio Star” but if you don’t professionally produce a video to showcase your business you could shorten its life expectancy.


By Adriana Davis


Adriana Davis is a Producer, Director, Editor, Voice Over Artist and Founder of D-Squared Media a full-service production company in New York City. She has produced the film “Play It By Ear” starring Rita Moreno, a trilogy of documentaries about Iraq’s Jewish community including “The Last Jews of Baghdad” and has written, produced and voiced hundreds of corporate videos for a wide range of clients. She is reachable at or follow her on twitter @DSQRDmediaNYC or @adrianaNYC  






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