Two-thirds of your employees want to find a new job in the new year

Do you have any goals for your business in the new year? It’s always a great chance to wipe the slate clean and go again. In fact, research from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job board, shows that 76.6% of Brits think it’s the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

The psychological mindset that the new year brings is very refreshing and can be incredibly motivating; not just for you, but your teams too. But what objectives are your employees setting for the year ahead?

At CV-Library, we conducted a study, which surveyed over 2,000 UK professionals, to discover what your employees wanted to achieve in 2020; this includes a mix of personal and professional accolades.

So, when you’re thinking about your employees’ needs in the New Year, keep these goals in mind! It can really help to understand their needs and improve your retention rates.

Finding a new job

According to our research, nearly two thirds (63.9%) of Brits want to find a new job in 2020. We know what you’re thinking; but don’t panic just yet!

You could be the best employer and business owner on the planet, offer a competitive salary and great career progression opportunities; but your employee may still fancy a new challenge.

And it’s important to not stand in the way of this. January is a typically busy time for hiring anyway; so, it’s only natural to expect some staff turnover. However, it isn’t all bad news.

After all, the fact that professionals across the country are thinking of moving on means you have a greater pool of talent to choose from when hiring.

So, don’t hang around feeling sorry for yourself when a great employee hands in their notice. Start writing your job adverts and advertise your vacancies on job boards to get in front of great candidates, as soon as possible.

Don’t hang your head in sorrow, capitalise on desire for a new challenge and get recruiting quickly!

Earn more money

When trying to attract or retain your employees, it isn’t always about money, but it sure is a great motivator. Which is why it’s no surprise that 58% of Brits want to earn more money this new year.

We understand that you can’t just fork out pay rises left, right and centre to please your employees. You’ve got a business to run after all. But what you can do is offer the opportunity to earn annual pay rises that complement their progression at the company.

This way, your employees will have something to work for, which helps to improve performance and motivation. Money is the greatest motivator, as a business owner, you should know this first hand. Try to tie in the discussion with your employee during their annual reviews.

Earlier in the year, our research found that 74.9% of workers in the country hadn’t had a formal pay review meeting in the last 12 months. If you aren’t willing to be fair and reasonable, they’ll find another employer who will!

Lose weight

The first personal goal on the list is a popular one; in fact, four in ten (40.9%) professionals want to lose weight in the new year.

It’s a pretty standard aim to have; but it’s also one that can do wonders for a person’s mental wellbeing. You’ll definitely see a boost in an employee’s happiness and mood if they’ve lost weight.

You can support this in your workplace by encouraging staff to go out for walks on their lunch break, offering gym discounts through employee engagement sites like Perkbox and laying off the fast food breaks at work.

We all know you work hard for your McDonalds on a Friday afternoon; but don’t parade it round the office if you know an employee is on a diet!

Learn a new skill

As the UK continues to face a massive skills shortage, the fact that 38.4% of your employees want to learn new skills in the new year should be very encouraging.

While it can be difficult to keep track of everyone’s different needs, providing the right development opportunities is important. Improving the versatility of your workforce isn’t a bad thing; it will only help boost the efficiency of your staff!

Sure, sending employees on training courses may come at a price. But, it’s worth it if you want to increase productive and improve knowledge in your workplace. This is a win-win, so start this conversation with your employees whenever you can. You’ll definitely improve staff loyalty if you care about their progression.

Start saving money

What separates a good manager from a great one, is when they genuinely care about their staff. And this could involve anything from helping someone with mental health issues, to supporting your employees’ financial wellbeing.

If your employees can’t earn more money, then they’ll definitely want to keep what they have; so it’s no surprise that 37% plan on saving more in the new year.

The topic of money can be a sensitive one; and it may even offend some employees if you butt in with unwanted advice. So, broach this subject very carefully. Of course, you’re a successful business owner, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all your employees want your help.

Why are resolutions important in the new year?

You should encourage all your employees to view 2020 as an opportunity for a fresh start. While some will see this as a chance to leave your company for a new job, this is also an exciting time for your hiring process.

After all, there will be plenty of active and passive candidates to target; so you could pick up some great new hires.

What’s more, having goals to work towards in the new year is excellent for boosting motivation. Plus, there are several ways you can support these needs to show your employees you really care.

Whether it’s wanting to lose weight or earn more money, as an employer, you can support these goals. By being responsive to your employees’ needs, you’ll boost your retention rates and loyalty will improve. So, get setting those New Year’s resolutions!

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