Yvette Salvaris: What courses should young business managers take?


Education is an investment in your own professional development . If you don’t learn new skills your practice becomes dated and your business could loose momentum.  By gaining a qualification, you are on your way to becoming the most informed and skilled business manager in your company. These are the top  4 courses you should think about taking if you want to be the best in your field.


A diploma in Business administration


A diploma in business administration can kick start your career in many ways. By undertaking this qualification, you will learn skills that are versatile and can be applied in your business.   By studying business administration you will learn how to :


Manage information systems

Organise administrative systems

Do budgeting and financial planning

Develop business documents

Conduct meetings and conferences

Run projects, and manage and lead teams.


Diploma / Bachelor in Accounting


As a business manager you need to be able to manage the finances  of your company. By undertaking an accounting course, you will learn the necessary skills that are required to be a person in charge of finances . Some of the subjects covered in accounting are :


Accounting Information Systems

Accounting Systems and Processes

Accounting Theory

Audit and Assurance

Commercial Law



Financial Accounting

Management Accounting




Diploma in business management


A diploma in business management  can help you learn skills that will enable you to be the best manager for your company.  A diploma in business management is different from a Diploma of Business administration.  Business management focus more on the core skills of management and is a great course for people who want to advance their career by becoming project managers and administrators.


Subjects Covered include


How to prepare a business presentation

Workplace leadership


 Diploma in  leadership and management


A Diploma in Leadership and management is a qualification that focuses on becoming an effective leader. As a manager, you need to know how to lead your team. Without a solid team, your company could be at risk of failure. The skills you will learn will help you to motivate and manage your team. Some of the subjects covered are :


paradoxes of management

The complexities of business

The challenges of leadership

The lessons of practice

Self awareness

Emotional awareness

Cultural awareness

Setting goals and objectives

Motivating and developing

Influencing and communicating



When deciding what course you should do, you need to  ask yourself  a few things.  As a manager are you looking at advancing your current skill set  by improving your current practices  or do you want to develop brand new  skills that will help to advance your career..  What ever you decide to do, its important that the course you undertake is one that is going to make you be the best you can be.



Ethics and Education go hand in hand. You can’t have quality education, without an ethical approach. Yvette’s aim is to give people the opportunity to experience both. She feels that students have the right to a high quality ethical education program


By Yvette Salvaris 


Yvette Salvaris is one of the directors and owners of Ethical Training Solutions  She has 20 years experience in the education industry. Yvette originally started as a teacher and quickly found herself as a training manager  for a large private organisation .


She has also  managed large teams and loves to see her students succeed. Yvette has a strong passion for quality  education and is a firm believer that you can do anything, its just a matter of finding what your good at doing.










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