Focus on Kizzi’s Friday Game Changers


Our series is a unique style of podcast which brings together radio and podcasting into one very special show.




Kizzi’s Friday Game Changers Q&A



How can I be featured on Kizzi’s Friday Game Changers? Due to the high demand for guest interviews,  in order to be considered for Kizzi’s Friday Game Changers interviewees are by referral only.  If you would like to be interviewed on Kizzi’s Friday Game Changers,  please check our list of interviewees and see if you know someone we’ve spoken to already who will refer you.


Is there a fee to be interviewed on Kizzi’s Friday Game Changers?  There is no charge for interviews.


Where is Kizzi’s Friday Game Changers available?  Kizzi’s Friday Game Changers is available on iTunes, Spotify Stitcher TuneIn and Google Podcast.

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