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November 2018 I reconnected with a lovely lady I met at a networking event some years before and I’d briefly discussed the difficulties our family had faced with my husbands mental health over the last few years.


I felt very lost and had such a busy confused mind. My employer had been supportive but my lack of sales was a worry. Grace Jones from Kindly offered to help me with some coaching and although I knew what it was I  never really thought it was something I needed.


In return for a testimonial (she knew money was an issue) she set about helping. She listened to all my negativity, my self loathing and basically was like a therapist.Listening.


At the end of 6 weeks I couldn’t believe how different I felt. My first experience of coaching proved successful and my sales improved, my self confidence was growing and I felt like I could finally tackle the world again.


Fast forward to March 2019 and I accidentally stumbled upon  ‘The Now What Club’ which was an online networking group  on Facebook aimed at personal development. I took a free 5 day trial and set about taking part in the Daily tasks created by Brad Burton –  The UKs No 1 Motivational Speaker.


I was impressed and joined. Instantly I found my confidence growing and the tasks set me up for the day. We were encouraged to step out of our comfort zone and doing a Facebook live was one of the first tasks! I was so nervous the thought of me on camera scared me, but I did it I had committed and actually it was OK. So much so I have ended up  doing many many more.


We were then given the opportunity to connect with another member as an accountability buddy and I got James Perryman from


Ironically a coach and mentor and a communications expert! I seemed to be having all the luck and soon found that James was to be a pivotal connection in my next chapter.


James was able to help me gain confidence with myself, my ability and that I was enough.


He was encouraging and very good at knowing what I needed to do to take the next step.


The whole time I had been planning in my head a new Facebook Page to help other families who didn’t have enough support with the Mental health system. However, I knew that if I wanted to help others then I needed to get my own confidence up. After all how could I help others if I didn’t help myself!


Brad had an event ‘Now what Live’ at Blackpool




I went petrified as it wasn’t something I had done before, I didn’t know what to expect I really was like a rabbit in head lights!


Then it started and I sat and I watched, I listened and bit by bit the tears fell from my eyes…


Slides with simple words….






I realised that everything I already knew but was blocking out was right there.


I felt like Dorothy Gale off the wizard of oz and  I’d left Kansas(Cornwall) and ended up in Oz (Blackpool) Brad was the wizard and the last part of my journey.


I’d had so much negative, dark and really sad stuff happening. My work was affected, my family was suffering and I was lost.


When I came back straightaway I implemented the changes and Beyond the Yellow Brick Road was born


I started speaking publicly and my fear had gone.


I realised that just like the wizard of oz ‘I had the power all along I just had to learn how to use it’


If I had never made connections with these 3 people who have Coached   and mentored me I would never have started  The Mental Health work which has gone on to help many people and will soon become a registered CIC


I never would have Purchased the Networking business


So from someone who would have said before that coaching and mentoring and any kind of personal development is a waste of time I say to you.


“Do you want to stay as you are or do you want to improve, grow and learn more about yourself than ever before?”


Then you NEED to invest time and money into YOU.


And become a better version of yourself, confident, capable.


You ARE more Capable Than you Know!


My current employer



Lisa Bailey-Brown-

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