JoJo Graham on the secrets of producing great workshops



JoJo Graham is a Business Coach and Mentor here she shares with Business Game Changer Magazine her secrets to producing great workshops.


She said; “In my 5 years as an Entrepreneur I have run a number of events and workshops to support people in the personal development and growth, with the largest being to an audience of 800 business owners.


“I have tried and tested what works and what doesn’t when in comes to in person events, particularly workshops.  Workshops are my favourite because they are intimate, action focused and it is also an amazing way to connect with everyone in the room!”

JoJo’s secrets to workshop success are:


  • Promote at least 6 weeks before: Start promoting at least 6 weeks before to get a good number of people in the room. Use a platform such as eventbrite and make the purchase process as simple as possible. There is no need for a fancy sales page and you want there to be minimum clicks to point of sale!


  • What problem will you solve: Make sure you are super clear in the marketing what problem the workshop will solve for the attendees and why they should attend. They need to have a strong reason to invest their time in coming.


  • Have fun with it: In a workshop setting you want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible as quickly as possible so have some fun, have some up beat music playing, create a relaxed atmosphere and make every feel happy to get involved!


  • Avoid Overwhelming: Don’t try and teach too much! The best workshops don’t try and teach 100 different things, focusing on 1 subject keeps it super focused and people can action things straight away without getting overwhelmed.



  • Don’t do it alone! If you know someone else in your industry who has an expertise you don’t, get them to do a slot. It breaks up the day, keeps it interesting and gives you a break as the host!


  • Choose a venue that looks after everything for you: From the tech (unless you have an outsourced AV) to refreshments and lunch! Make sure everything is in hand so you can focus on what you are there to do- teach!


  • Promote an Offer – Don’t have a hard sell in a workshop but always have an invitation to an offer. Most of the time if they loved the workshop, they will want to continue to work with you! Introduce this before lunch to give a greater chance of sales.


  • Don’t be Afraid of Feedback – Have feedback forms either on the day or in a follow up email. Aim to get better and better every time you host a workshop. Increase feedback forms by offering something in return like discount on the next workshop!



What tips have resonated with you? Which ones will you pop in place to help you produce your next successful workshops?


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JoJo Graham is a Business Coach and Mentor for experts who want to grow their online business.  JoJo supports and provides strategies for women who are looking to grow and scale their online Businesses. JoJo is a Business expert, having a degree in Business Management and more than 4 years Business experience in Coaching, Mentoring, Event Planning and Marketing.









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