The UK’s Top Ten Business Game Changers: Nicola Foulston of Rosenblatt Group



Rosenblatt Group plc is a professional services group, which includes one of the UK’s leading dispute resolution practices. Established in 1989, Rosenblatt provides a range of services to its diversified client base.


The UK legal market is worth £32bn and forecast to reach £40bn by 2021. The sector is facing disruption caused by greater competition, new technology, and changes to working practices.


Rosenblatt floated in May 2018 on AIM, raising £43 million, in an oversubscribed placing. The Group’s strategy is to deliver high margins from the work it undertakes. Also, it plans to be at the forefront of the industry through innovations such as launching an in-house litigation fund to increase the number of cases the firm takes on. Rosenblatt also intends to take make acquisitions.


Chief Executive Nicola Foulston sets the strategic direction.  With a strong commercial background, she joined in September 2016 as one of the first non-lawyers to lead a major firm. In 1990, at the age of 22, she became CEO of the Brands Hatch Leisure Group when it was worth £6m. She overhauled and floated the company, selling it in 1999 to Interpublic, the US marketing giant, for over £120m.


Rosenblatt has performed well since its flotation, with revenues growing, net margins remaining high, and the Group pays dividends.  2019 will be the first full year for Rosenblatt as a public company as it aims to deliver strong growth for its shareholders.



Nominee’s three achievements


1. Floating and selling Brands Hatch

In 1990, at the age of 22, she served as CEO of the Brands Hatch Leisure Group (“Brands Hatch”) when the business was valued at £6m. Having made transformational changes to the company’s operations and financial management over the next 6 years, she floated the group in 1996 and sold it three years later to Interpublic, the US marketing giant for over $195m, at a time when Brands Hatch was then the largest organiser and promoter of motorsport in Europe


2. Veuve Cliquot “Business Woman of the Year”
She was named Veuve Cliquot “Business Woman of the Year in 1996 at the age of 29 and she remains the award’s youngest ever recipient at the age of 29.


3. Floating Rosenblatt Group plc: In May 2018, she floated Rosenblatt Group plc, raising £43 million in an oversubscribed issue, valuing the company at more than £70m. At the time, it was the largest raise by a law firm.


Rosenblatt Group

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