Win a copy of Dr Rainer Zitelmann’s game changing book , Dare to be Different and Grow Rich

Richard Branson stated: “No goal is beyond our reach and even the impossible can become possible for those with vision and belief in themselves.” In his new book, Dare to be Different and Grow Rich, Dr Rainer Zitelmann studies the lives of 50 extraordinarily successful women and men – most of them entrepreneurs, but also top managers, athletes, entertainers and others – to find out what distinguishes them and the lessons that we can all learn.


What really sets these highly successful and rich individuals apart is their courage to be different from the majority of those around them. They challenge traditional ways of thinking and they set their goals and ambitions considerably higher than most people. Their stories serve as powerful guidelines for anyone who wants to aim higher and achieve more.


The UK Newspaper is giving away five copies of Dare to be Different and Grow Rich.





To win your copy of Dare To Be Different and Grow Rich, you just have to find the UK Newspaper on Twitter (UKNewspaper) follow us and tweet us a message answering this question:


Q: How does your company, product, system or service stand out from the crowd?


The five best answers will each win a copy of Dare to be Different and Grow Rich.


Competition ends March 1st  2020.  Good luck.


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