Workshop Focus: Keira O’Mara, founder of Mama Designs Business Club


When I launched Mama Designs Business Club after 10 years in business at Mama Designs, I knew that I wanted business events to be part of what we were doing (to accompany an online business course and mentoring for other female founders). I was inspired to create a business event different to anything that I had been to before.




I had come home from other events, not having spoken to people I later learnt were there or feeling to shy to introduce myself to everyone as not wanting to seem overly confident. I wanted to put on a business event where everyone felt involved, everyone was introduced. Everyone got to bring a product or leaflet to display and everyone had a name badge with their name and their business name on. I had been to business events where there were panel discussions. I had been as a guest and a panellist. Whilst it was inspiring to hear others speak. I wanted to do more. I loved the idea of a workshop to follow the panel, where everyone was involved. I wanted to create a business event that not only inspired you but you came away with some things to use and action in your business.





I decided that instead of deciding the topic for the workshop, I would ask the attendees. I made a video and shared it on social media as I launched the event, explaining what I wanted to do and why. I shared in my video that I would send out a survey ahead of the event to see what everyone’s pain point was or what they most wanted help with. This would help form the focus topic for the workshop. I sent the survey out and three main topics were immediately apparent when collating the replies. One topic, scaling up, I decided to address as part of the panel discussion and the other two, Marketing and dealing with overwhelm, I have designed the workshop around.


The event sold out quickly and even has a waiting list. There has been lots of excitement on social media from those attending. The event is next week and I am really looking forward to it being the first of many! Have you been to a great business event recently?


Keira O’Mara is the founder of Mama Designs Business Club which she launched in 2019 to mark 10 years in business at Mama Designs. She mentors female founders, has an online business course Grow Your Business on a Budget and puts on business events.





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