About Prevent Breast Cancer



About Prevent Breast Cancer and its goals



  • Prevent Breast Cancer is the only UK charity committed solely to predicting and preventing the disease. With the only dedicated prevention centre in the country, we work with patients, researchers and leading scientists to discover how to prevent the UK’s most common cancer


  • Its mission is to lead ground-breaking research into the prediction and prevention of breast cancer. Its strategy is two-fold; firstly PREDICTION – finding methods of predicting a woman’s personal risk of breast cancer; and secondly PREVENTION – researching ways of lowering women’s risk of developing cancer, in order to prevent the disease


  • Prevent Breast Cancer’s vision is to create a breast cancer free future for the next generation. Its research will one day bring about a world where breast cancer is preventable, and no individual will have to suffer from this terrible disease


  • Breast cancer prevention receives just 4 per cent of all cancer research funding


  • Prevent Breast Cancer’s four pillars of research are:


o    Gene research

o    Early detection and screening

o    Preventative drugs

o    Diet and lifestyle.