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Thank you very much for taking the time to read The UK Newspaper. Our goal is to transform the way the media operates in the UK and set new standards that other newspapers will be judged by. The UK Newspaper was founded with the belief that many of the UK’s citizens desire – and deserve – an objective source of news analysis without the strong political biases of the country’s established newspapers.


We believe the commitment to this type of strict impartiality safeguards the wisdom of the voting public, fosters democratic legitimacy, and mitigates social polarisation.

In order to achieve our goal we need the help of readers like you. Every contribution we receive helps us ensure that we can continue providing balanced, insightful analysis of the issues that matter most to the people living and working in the UK. You can support us from as little as £1 a day. It will take you less than a minute to help us change the UK’s media coverage – perhaps forever.  Thank you.



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